10 Weeks That Will Transform Your Business,
Your Finances And Your Life…

The Complete Blueprint to attract all the customers you need, transform your Website and Internet Marketing – and increase your Profits by 50% to 250% in the next 12 months – GUARANTEED


What is ‘Ultimate Marketing’ and why has it become a ‘must have’ for Britain’s Business Owners?

Quite simply, Ultimate Marketing is one of the most powerful experiences that you and your business will ever have. It’s a ten part, in depth Video Seminar programme. Each of the 10, one hour Video Seminars is packed with profit strategies to take your business to the next level.

On your 10 Video Seminars, you will experience dozens of leading edge strategies to impact the number of customers you attract and the profits you generate. From attracting new customers, to creating Advertising that works, having a powerful and effective website, getting free PR coverage in the media, using new Marketing approaches such as Pay per Click – and much more, this is your complete guide to Marketing and Business success.

The 10 weeks are packed with powerful information that you can use immediately to increase your profits, attract more customers and grow your business – whatever your business and whatever its size.


Your 10 Part Ultimate Marketing Video Seminar Programme – Here’s how it works

On each of your 10 Videos, we’ll get together for a one hour Video Seminar where I’ll be giving you everything you need to know to grow your business, attract large numbers of new customers and increase your profits.

Video Seminars -
The easy way to attend a Seminar
from your Home or Office

Video Seminars are an incredible communication tool that lets me speak with you as if we were sitting across the table from each other.

And here’s the best part…

  • There’s no travelling involved – You’ll experience each of the 10 Seminars from the comfort of your home or office
  • No taking days away from the business
  • No expensive hotel bills
  • The world’s most powerful, leading edge Marketing and Business Success strategies to grow your business, in 10 powerful Video Seminars

Here is what we will cover together
on ‘Ultimate Marketing’



  • Wednesday
    January 28th

Video Seminar One
Ten Immediate Marketing Windfalls to immediately boost your Profits


It’s my experience that when I show business owners/managers immediate strategies to bring in extra profits and boost turnover, you don’t just make more money, you get a sense of the possibilities available when you decide to become superb at Marketing. So we’ll be starting the programme off with not one or two but TEN Marketing and Internet Marketing strategies that you can immediately implement to boost your profits. Expect this to cover your investment for the entire programme.



  • Wednesday
    February 4th

Video Seminar Two
The Five Golden Rules of Marketing


On your second video seminar we’ll be covering the five absolute golden rules of Marketing that will create the foundation for all of your future business success. You’ll discover the most important number in your business, how to remove the risk from Marketing, one of the best ways to get customers for Free and the big mistake that you’re almost certainly making with your Marketing which is probably costing you a fortune.



  • Wednesday
    February 11th

Video Seminar Three
Essential Internet Marketing
for Online Profits


Your Internet Marketing Strategy is an absolutely vital component of your success. I’ll show you precisely what you need to do to attract an ongoing stream of visitors to your website and convert those visitors into paying customers. Internet Marketing is constantly changing and it’s essential that you are up to date with these new developments. During the seminar, you’ll discover how your website should be designed, what it should say, how to increase your conversion rate, how to use Email Marketing for maximum profit – and much more.



  • Wednesday
    February 18th

Video Seminar Four
The Power of Pay Per Click Advertising


Pay per Click Advertising on Google and the other search engines is the most important Marketing breakthrough this century. It is quite simply the most effective method for reaching highly qualified potential customers, whatever type of business you’re in. But many who try pay per click get their fingers burned – it’s essential that you understand the secrets of effective pay per click marketing.

I have spent £2.5 million of my own money on pay per click and, modesty aside, I’m one of Britain’s leading experts on the subject. If you’ve tried ppc and struggled I’ll show you how to succeed. If you’re already doing well I’ll show you how to massively improve your results. If you’re totally new to it, you’ll discover why this could be a powerful profit source for you. The time you spend with me mastering this vital subject will bring you in extra profits for months and years to come.



  • Wednesday
    February 25th

Video Seminar Five
Pricing for Profits


A key goal for you and I working together on this programme is for you to achieve ‘Price Freedom’ What is Price Freedom? It’s the ability for you to charge the prices you want, the prices you deserve, without losing customers. You simply cannot build the business you desire if you’re constantly being hammered on price.

I will show you how to establish a Premium Pricing Strategy, where you’re not only charging more than the competition, but your customers are more than happy to buy at those prices. This is one of the most powerful of the Seminars – you may be surprised at how easy it is to charge more (raising prices is only one way to command premium pricing.) Plus I’ll show you how to identify and sell to your wealthiest prospects who are willing to pay five to ten times what others are willing to pay.



  • Wednesday
    March 4th

Video Seminar Six
The Power of Facebook Advertising and Social Media


For most business owners, social media is confusing and daunting. What areas should you be focusing on? What are a waste of time? Should you be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc? Or are they just distractions from the real business of making money.

The truth is that large amounts of social media are not a good use of your Entrepreneurial time. But there are some goldmines that you definitely want to be paying attention to. On this Video Seminar, I’ll show you what they are and the simple steps you can take to profit from them. Plus we’ll have a special focus on Facebook Advertising, a great source of potential new customers for you.



  • Wednesday
    March 11th

Video Seminar Seven
The Secrets of Website Conversion – How to Convert your Website Visitors into Paying Customers


What sets great businesses apart from the average ones online is their ability to convert web visitors to paying customers. If you’ve experienced the frustration of having people come to your website but not become customers, you are not alone. The average conversion rate online is just 1%. The most successful business owners we work with are converting visitors at 15% to 30%. This Seminar will transform everything you do online as you master the secrets of effective and profitable conversion.



  • Wednesday
    March 18th

Video Seminar Eight
Marketing Mastery – Including Direct Mail, Telephone Marketing and Newspaper / Magazine Advertising.


When it’s done well, Direct Mail can be the key to a goldmine of additional profits. If you are growing a business, you will want to master this fundamental subject.

In this seminar, I will show you how direct mail can play a vital role in your business success. Find out who you should mail, what you should send them, what you should be saying in your letters and brochures, how to use external mailing lists to increase the number of people you reach, how to find the best lists, plus the words and phrases that can make the difference between direct mail success or failure.

Plus, one of the most overlooked and powerful marketing tools is the telephone. If your business is not using the phone effectively both with existing customers – and acquiring new customers, you are probably sitting on considerable untapped profits. I will show you how you can use the telephone to increase sales without having to use high pressure selling techniques. (Hint: The first step is to stop using the telephone to ‘sell’ altogether.)



  • Wednesday
    March 25th

Video Seminar Nine
The Complete Guide To
Email Marketing plus The Power of Online Video


One of the big secrets of Internet Marketing is that the online Millionaires don’t make most of their money from websites – they make it from Email marketing. Your use of email is fundamental to your success. If you don’t have an autoresponder to automatically capture peoples’ email addresses you will learn how. Then you’ll discover how to send emails that work: what your emails need to say, how to ensure they get delivered, how many emails you should send and what times of day to send them. I’ll also show you how I’ve created an opt in list of over 300,000 email addresses and how you can create an email list that will leave your competitors green with envy.

We’ll also cover the vital subject of Online Video. You MUST have video on your website – but it has to be done in the right way. I’ll show you how to decide which type of online video to have – even if you don’t want to be on the video yourself. You will discover how to produce online videos that can increase sales on your pages by up to 200% – plus the big mistakes in videos and the positioning of your videos that must be avoided. At the end of this Seminar you will have everything you need to profit from online video.



  • Wednesday
    April 1st

Video Seminar Ten
Advanced Marketing Masterclass


This seminar is the icing on the cake – The Advanced Marketing Strategies to drive your business to new levels of success including Referral Strategies, Joint Ventures, Risk Elimination, Marketing for Free plus how to increase your prices without losing business.

Plus we’ll answer any questions that have come up for you during the programme. By the end of Video Seminar ten you will have mastered the most effective Marketing and Business Success strategies in the world, for long term profits and success.

Get Ultimate Marketing Working for your Business TODAY and SAVE OVER £1500

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Four monthly payments of £495 plus VAT -
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Backed up by my remarkable Ten Thousand
Pound Profitability Guarantee…

I am so convinced that your decision to join this seminar programme is one of the most important you will ever make, I am offering you the following 100% Guarantee:

“If up to one year after purchasing Ultimate Marketing, this programme does not prove to be worth at least ten thousand pounds to you, I will personally refund your investment. That’s how convinced I am that these video seminars will impact your business beyond what you may believe possible”

YES Confirm My Place on Ultimate Marketing

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Video Seminars -
Join the Revolution in Business Training

You will be able to access each of the Video Seminars from the comfort of your home or office.

All of this saves you a fortune in the hotel and travel expenses associated with traditional seminars. Plus, by spreading the course over 10 weeks, you get to implement the material we cover between each seminar. And recordings of all of the seminars will be available online in case you miss any. The perfect way to discover the strategies to take your business to the next level.

My Message to you in a Nutshell…

“It’s really very simple. Most people spend over three hundred days each year struggling to run their business effectively and zero days mastering the marketing success skills that could transform your business performance.

I am inviting you to make the decision to spend 10 hours with me, from the comfort of your home or office, mastering this information that can make such a difference to your business and your profits.

If you want to maximise your turnover, your profits and double or triple the number of customers you attract, I look forward to working with you and helping to create the success that you deserve”

On Your ‘Ultimate Marketing’ Programme
You will Discover:

  • Dozens of powerful strategies to attract more customers
  • How to stop spending money on ineffective Advertising
  • What you need to say on your website to convert visitors to customers
  • Essential Strategies for creating Adverts that produce a steady stream of new customers
  • How to get customers to your website and convert them into paying customers
  • The ‘Five Fundamentals of Marketing’ and why not knowing about them can seriously harm your profits
  • Why 95% of businesses have their internet strategy totally wrong
  • How to use Email effectively
  • The big Marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to increase your prices without losing business
  • Why ‘Pay per Click’ advertising is revolutionising Marketing – and how to avoid costly mistakes with your Pay per Click Campaign
  • The very latest Internet Strategies, some of which I have never revealed before
  • Essential strategies for anyone planning or starting a new business – or launching a new product range
  • The secrets of Facebook Marketing that can make the difference between success and failure
  • How you can use telephone marketing to transform the effectiveness of your business
  • How to influence your team to implement these new Marketing approaches
  • How to get more customers, keep those customers and influence them to purchase from you again and again
  • How to get Free PR Coverage on Radio, TV and in The Press
  • How to out-market your competitors with the precise strategies that Chris has used to boost his clients’ profits by up to 300%
  • How to write a Marketing Plan (during the course you will actually create a complete Marketing Plan, tailor made for your business)
  • Why not understanding the basics of Marketing is the single biggest reason for business failure
  • and much, much more…

Backed up by my remarkable
Ten Thousand Pound Profitability Guarantee:

I am so convinced that your decision to join this seminar programme is one of the most important you will ever make, I am offering you the following 100% Guarantee:

“If by the end of the third Seminar, you are not convinced that Ultimate Marketing is going to be worth at least ten thousand pounds to you, I will personally refund your investment. That’s how convinced I am that these seminars will impact your business beyond what you may believe possible”

YES Confirm My Place on Ultimate Marketing

For Existing Businesses…

If you run a well established or growing business, our 10 Video Seminars will give you the most effective, proven strategies in the world for growing you business.

Most businesses are Marketing at less than 30% of their capacity. This is a shocking waste. It means that you could be losing a fortune in untapped profits every month. Because we are so close to our businesses, it can sometimes be a challenge to see the potential that often lies right in front of us.

On Ultimate Marketing, you will uncover virtual goldmines of opportunities giving both you and your business a great deal more financial freedom.

For New Businesses and Start-Ups…

If you are starting a new Business this powerful course is ESSENTIAL for you. Not only will you discover from me how to avoid the costly mistakes that lose many start-up businesses a fortune, but you’ll also be launching your business with the most powerful, proven and effective strategies in the world to create the success that you deserve.

Don’t leave it too late like so many businesses – now is the time to master world class marketing and business success skills for your venture.

Is the Ultimate Marketing course relevant for your particular Business?

Yes, whether you sell products or services to consumers or businesses, because in the same way that the rules of cashflow and business finance are universal for all of us – so the rules of Marketing are universal.

The secrets of effective Marketing, Advertising, Internet Marketing etc involve the ability to influence other human beings to do business with you. This is what Marketing is all about. I have helped every type of business imaginable. Now I am looking forward to helping you.

Is Your Business Struggling?

If your business is either struggling, or you’ve tried various Marketing approaches without the success you expected, or you’re frustrated at the lack of new business you’re generating, the time you spend with me will be highly rewarding and a true turning point for your business.

Excellent Marketing is the fastest way to turnaround any business – one of the myths of Marketing is that it has to be expensive. In fact, I will share many advanced Marketing strategies with you that are totally FREE to implement.

The Big Marketing Tragedy…

The big Marketing Tragedy is that your products or services may well be much better than your competition – in fact you may have something truly amazing to sell. Unfortunately that’s not enough to be successful. To succeed you must know how to Market effectively.

The irony is that your competitors can have a worse product or service than you, but if they are better marketers, they will take your business. The truth is that for you to be successful in business today, you absolutely must be excellent at Marketing.

This is the seminar programme that shows you how.

The ‘Ultimate Marketing’ Programme
is for You if:

  • You own your own Business
  • You have responsibility for Sales and Marketing
  • You are Self Employed
  • You are a Marketing Manager in a large business
  • You are involved in any way in communicating with Customers
  • You are thinking of or have started a new Business
  • You realise that you need to learn more about Marketing if your business is to ever reach its full potential
  • You are frustrated at the lack of customers you have
  • You are highly successful – but want to take things to the next level
  • You want to make more money
  • You would like to free up your time – More reward for less effort
  • Your business is struggling and you want a fast turnaround
  • You’re not directly in a Marketing role – but you think these are vital skills for you to learn
  • You want to improve your skills for career progression
  • You want to create the success you deserve by mastering the most important business skill there is

10 Reasons why your Business and Profits will grow after you Experience Ultimate Marketing…

  • You will learn some of the world’s most advanced, powerful marketing strategies that you can apply immediately to your business.
  • You will create a set of strategies and a Marketing Plan that you can apply immediately to start impacting profits.
  • You will learn the very latest, leading edge Internet Marketing skills that are bringing breathtaking results for those willing to master them.
  • You will end all of your website frustrations and turn your site into a 24/7 Profit generator.
  • You will discover how to increase your prices but still keep your customers.
  • You will understand how ‘risk elimination’ is one of the most powerful and under-used marketing concepts for small businesses and the self-employed.
  • You will discover a series of strategies that have been successfully used by business people like yourself to increase turnover by anything from 33-250%.
  • You will discover how to dominate Google and Facebook.
  • You will understand why the ‘residual value’ concept is absolutely vital for your success.
  • You will discover how to duplicate the Marketing and Business Success Strategies of the world’s most successful businesses, small and large, to achieve immediate results and create the success that you deserve.

Here’s The Best Part – The Price! Order Now and Save over £1500

Order Ultimate Marketing now and instead of £3000,
you get it for just:

Four monthly payments of £495 plus VAT -
A saving of £1000
One payment of £1475 plus VAT -
A saving of £1500

YES Confirm My Place on Ultimate Marketing

All Backed up by my remarkable
Profitability Guarantee:

“The profound information, strategies, tips, tools and secrets that I am going to share with you on Ultimate Marketing can be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds to you – for some it will be worth millions…

But don’t take my word for it. I offer you the following 100% Guarantee.

If at any time up to a year after purchasing the course, you are not convinced that Ultimate Marketing is going to be worth at least ten thousand pounds to you, I will personally refund your investment. That’s how convinced I am that these seminars will impact your business beyond what you may believe possible”