Yes, Please Reserve Me a Place at
This Exclusive One Day Masterclass

The future of your business depends on your ability to get people to your website and CONVERT them into paying customers. If you understand that this is the single most important marketing activity you do – and you are willing to spend just one day out of 365 this year with me mastering how to do it – I will give you everything you need to dramatically improve your Sales and Profits.

Chris Cardell

Dear Entrepreneur,

Do you know what it would take to double the sales from your website? To create a 100% increase in sales, which would probably double your overall business profits?

Most people won’t even consider the question. They think it’s too far fetched because they assume that to double your sales – you need to double the number of people coming to your website.


Here’s the simple way to double your online sales.

If you increase the number of people coming to your website by just 50%.

And if you increase the number of CONVERSIONS by 50%

You don’t just get a 50% increase in sales

You actually get a staggering 125% INCREASE in sales.

This leads us to the almost magical formula for success online that virtually nobody understands:

Traffic x Conversion = Profits

Once you really, really grasp this core principle – which has governed my business life for the last ten years – you are virtually guaranteed success.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, what you sell or who you sell to – if you are going to succeed, you need to succeed online – and to do that you need just two things:

1 Traffic – People visiting your website

2 Conversions – A website that CONVERTS visitors to paying customers.

That’s why:

Traffic x Conversion = Profits

The Blunt Truth –
Not for The Faint Hearted

There’s no easy way of putting this so let me just get to the point…..

Most businesses are fairly bad at getting traffic to their website. They are using just one or two methods – you should ideally be using ten.

But that’s not the big problem.

The big problem is that most businesses are TERRIBLE at converting website visitors to paying customers.

In fact, the average conversion rate is just 1%. So on most websites, only 1% of visitors turn into paying customers. A staggering 99% leave without doing anything.

If that’s similar to the position you are in, I understand your frustration, because I also understand that:


It’s Time For You To Take Control

If you’re struggling with your website and online sales, it’s not because there’s anything wrong with you and your business. Some of the smartest Entrepreneurs I know find traffic and conversions their biggest challenge.

I am also going to hazard a guess that you’ve tried to solve this problem in the past. You’ve probably employed web designers or outside companies who’ve promised you the earth. If they haven’t delivered – it’s not your fault. It’s theirs.

The problem with the web design industry – with a few notable exceptions – is that they are DESIGNERS. They are not online marketers. You may have a pretty website but unfortunately that has virtually nothing to do with making money online.

There is only one solution for you if you are going to sort this out, master traffic and conversion and make your website a success.

YOU must take control…

Whether or not you bring in outside help, YOU must fully understand what’s working online in 2014 and how to master the Traffic x Conversion Formula.

YOU need to know how to get traffic to your website.

YOU need to know how to convert that traffic to paying customers. You cannot outsource this. It’s too important.

YOU need to know how to use online, copy, video and graphics properly to increase conversion rates by 50%, 100%, 200%.

YOU need to know what to offer on your site – whether to do lead generation or go for the direct sale.

YOU need to know the ten best methods for getting people to your website.

Please, please don’t leave this to someone else. Even if you outsource your web work, you must know the principles so that you can direct your suppliers properly. It’s time to take control. The future of your business depends on it.

Give Me Just One Day and I will Give
you What You Need To Increase Your Online Sales by 100%

This is so important for the future of your business that I am holding an exclusive one day Masterclass Seminar on 15 September so that you can sort this out, once and for all.

If you are willing to spend just one day out of 365 this year mastering the single most important part of your website and internet marketing, I will make sure that you have everything you need to end the online frustration and confusion for good – and turn your website into the customer generating machine you always intended it to be.

Here are the details of the Seminar:

Title: Chris Cardell’s Internet Marketing and Website Conversion Masterclass

Date: Monday 15 September, 2014

Location: Central London (You will receive full venue details with your booking confirmation)

Time: 9:30 to 5:00pm

Yes, Please Reserve Me a Place at This One Day Masterclass

How Much Should This Masterclass Cost?

How much would it be worth to you to solve your website frustrations? To create a website that brings you an ongoing stream of customers 24/7.

This Masterclass should probably be in the £1000 plus range, because the material we are going to cover is likely to be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds to you. If we can double the number of customers in your business over the next five years, that’s likely to be worth a small fortune to you.

To make this Seminar accessible to everyone we are pricing it at just £500 plus VAT

Why Your Decision To Attend This
One Day Masterclass Could Be The
Most Important Business Decision
You Make This Year

Here is what we are going to cover during our day together as you master the Traffic x Conversion Formula to increase your online sales by 100%


  • How to get a minimum 10% to 20% conversion rate on your website
  • How to choose the right offer for your customers
  • Why the heading of your page will make the difference between success and failure
  • When to use pictures and graphics – and when to avoid them at all costs
  • The words to use that increase conversions – and the words to avoid that kill conversions
  • How one small change to your order button can increase sales by 37%
  • Lead Generation – when to do it and what to offer
  • How adding Video can double your sales overnight
  • How long should your Online Video be and what to say on the video
  • How to use online Video if you don’t want to be on the video
  • The shopping cart success formula – and why not using it could be losing you 50% of potential customers
  • The 7 big conversion mistakes that you MUST avoid
  • Landing Page Essentials for conversion success
  • How to ensure you are sending the right customers to the right landing page
  • Colours – How a change in colour can increase response by 40% to 70%
  • Chris Cardell’s advanced conversion tactics – including the results of Chris’s 10 most dramatic recent split tests


  • The TEN Essential sources of Traffic that you must be using to attract enough people to your website
  • How to use Google effectively for 24/7 customers
  • The Power of Adwords – how to use Pay per Click to bring you the best qualified customers daily
  • Strategies for experienced PPC users – the big Adwords changes of 2014 and how to use them to dramatically increase the number of customers coming to your business.
  • How to get a never ending flow of traffic and Customers from Facebook
  • How to find and identify your best customers on Facebook
  • How to serve messages directly into your potential customers’ newsfeeds on Facebook
  • How to use Email to send customers to your website every day
  • Banner ads – how to get virtually unlimited clicks for just a few pence each
  • Business to Business Traffic Strategies – including why Linkedin is the most profitable source of new customers for people selling B2B
  • Offline to Online – how to use direct mail and ‘traditional’ advertising to get people to your website
  • How to get Traffic from Radio and TV
  • How to get Traffic from FREE PR in the media
  • And much, much more…

IMPORTANT: Bring Your Colleagues to The Internet Marketing and Website Conversion Masterclass

It’s very important that everyone involved in your website understands the importance of this material. You can also book places for your colleagues and any suppliers involved in your Internet Marketing.

If You’ve Been To My Seminars Before….

If you’ve been to internet marketing seminars before, this is an essential day for you, regardless of your experience level, for two reasons:

1 What’s working right now in September 2014 is radically different to what was working, even six months ago. You must be at the leading edge of traffic and conversion and this event will show you. I’ll also be sharing the results of some fascinating online testing I conducted over the summer.

2 It doesn’t matter how much you’ve heard about Online Marketing. All that matters is: Are you doing it? If you’ve struggled with implementation, make a commitment to spend this one day with me focusing on how to move ahead with this vital subject.

A Final Thought –
How Urgent Is This For You

I am sure that you know your website is losing out on income and sales by not sorting out Traffic and Conversions – or you wouldn’t still be reading.

Are you really willing to let more days, weeks and months go by losing money every single day on this?

The future of your business and your financial well being depends on your ability to get customers online. This is pressing and urgent. Please confirm your place today and spend just one day with me sorting out this issue forever.

Best wishes
Chris Cardell.

Yes, Please Reserve Me a Place at This One Day Masterclass

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